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Shelter services include temporary shelter care in a home-like, supervised, nurturing environment for children under eighteen. While in shelter care, the residents basic needs of food and shelter are provided as well as counseling services, recreational, craft, and  educational activities. Family counseling for children that have been abused, neglected, or are experiencing temporary home conflicts are provided for residents. Referral services are provided.

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The Shelter is licensed by the Department of Human Services Office of Child Care and is also monitored by the Office of Juvenile Affairs. Priority admission is given to children whose residence is in Logan County. Referrals are accepted from the office of Juvenile Affairs, the Department of Human Services, and in some cases, from families in need of assistance.

The Shelter provides supervised activities designed to promote safe healthy lifestyles.  Our staff is dedicated to working one-on-one with residents helping to encourage appropriate educational and leisure activities. 

Our Shelter staff is dedicated to helping residents find their way to healthy happy lives.

We provide supervised TV, video gaming, a variety of toys, games and recreational outdoor activities.  Fun activities are available for residents of all ages.