Story of the Tree

The story of our tree……

Trees represent the work of Logan Community Services, our core values, and our mission…..

For a tree to grow healthy and fruitful it must establish strong roots when it is young.  These roots grow best when planted in healthy soil, watered and fed frequently.  However, some trees spring up in poor soil and defeat the odds by growing healthy and strong in spite of bad conditions.  Some times trees must be transplanted to give them a chance at survival.  These trees need extra care following the move to repair the damage and reestablish a root system.   

Trees are continually changing with the seasons. They survive periods of growth when the conditions are good, but they can also survive the winter when conditions are challenging. Trees need to sway with the wind and adapt to changing conditions.  If they are too rigid they break and can be destroyed.  Some types of trees thrive in wild conditions and need very little care, while other must be pruned and cared for frequently.  Both types are needed and valuable. 

When a tree has lived a long life, produced much fruit or simply provided shade to many its death is mourned by those familiar with it, but the best trees are those whose wood is put to use after death. Those trees leave a legacy that will be shared for generations.